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    how does one go about starting an orgy with friends??

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    The NYPD tried to start a hashtag outpouring of positive memories with their police force. 

    If this were ever a bad idea, it was probably the worst idea for arguably the most corrupt police force in America. 

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  5. Anonymous asked: The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China, where they were invented. The fireworks were used to accompany many festivities - according to: Temple, Robert K.G. (2007). The Genius of China: 3,000 Years of Science, Discovery, and Invention


    Thank you (:

    Well then to the anon earlier, fireworks are a form cultural appropriation.

    - Susie the moderator

    So, should we no longer attend 4th of july fireworks?
    Appropriation is hard to wrap my head around. One minute, I’m like, “of course. Never do anything that doesn’t faithfully replicate/pay tribute to its culture of origin,” and the next minute I’m like, “Wait most things fall under the category and at some point we have to square the circle that is a now interconnected global community”

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  7. Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist.

    — Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer  (via feministkitsch)

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Been lolin


    Been lolin

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Bob scrubbin’ your blog.

Thanks bob



    Bob scrubbin’ your blog.

    Thanks bob

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    spank my ass but also kiss my forehead and tell me I’m cute

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    why the fuck do neo-nazis even MAKE TUMBLR ACCOUNTS 

    because we’re people with interests and we like to socialize with like-minded people

    like everyone else


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  14. That explains, just, so much, Kanye.

    That explains, just, so much, Kanye.

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